Advantage of buying an electric car in Nepal

An electric car is a car that is driven by the electric motor using electric power from the battery. These cars use electricity to run the motor that drives the vehicle. These electric car uses a rechargeable battery which can be charged in case the battery gets low. Compared to the other internal combustion engine car electric car are quieter and much energy efficient. Let’s see the advantage of buying an electric car over a regular diesel/petrol car.

Electric car also helps to boost the economy of a country which import petrol/diesel by replacing them with electricity. In the context of countries like Nepal which has sufficient electricity production and imports petrol/diesel, electric car helps to reduce the import of the diesel/petrol and utilize its own electricity to drive the vehicle. Today every country is giving importance to the electric cars and planning to replace internal combustion car with EVs. Nepal is slowly learning the importance of electric car and about its positive impact in the environment. So let’s see the advantage of buying an electric car in Nepal. Electric car does not emit harmful gases in the environment and makes the environment clean and green. Although there is some disadvantage of buying an electric car which will no longer be a disadvantage in near future.

Advantage of buying an electric car

Advantage of buying an electric car.

  1. The first advantage of buying an electric car over internal combustion car is ride comfort and ride quality. Electric car is absolutely quiet and offers great ride quality.
  2. With no internal combustion engine, the vibration level in the electric car is almost zero. The electric motor does not produce any vibration and operates smoothly and quietly. Zero vibration also helps to keep your car life in good condition.
  3. Electricity is cheaper than petrol and diesel so electric car can also pocket-friendly.
  4. With no moving parts like the engine and other things in the electric car, it comes with less maintenance fee and more eco friendly.
  5. Buying an electric comes with health benefits, with no harmful gas coming from the vehicle it will contribute to the betterment of the environment.
  6. Electric vehicles come with the most advance high-tech features. Driving a high-tech futuristic car can put a smile in your face.
  7. Electric car help to reduce noise pollution.
  8. EVs are cheaper in Nepal as compared to other countries.
  9. With no gas to power the engine, No need to wait at the gas station to refuel the car. Forget about visiting the gas station you can charge your vehicle at your home.
  10. In the context of Nepa where gas price is high and electric cost is low electric car help to enhance your saving as their maintenance is cheap.

These were the top 10 advantage of electric car.

Investing in an electric car seem a one time investment as electric car comes with low maintenance.

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