Android Games – Best Android and IOS Games for Mobile.

Android Games - Best Android and IOS Games for Mobile.

Tons of mobile games are launching every single second on the Internet. Finding the best realistic time-consuming game might seem a difficult task to do. Today we will help you to find out the best free online and offline Android Games for you.

Games are the best way to keep yourself busy when there is no one to hang around. There are plenty of games available in the google play store to choose between. Some game might feel boring after a certain period of time so today we will talk about the best android and IOS games which can run on both online and offline devices.

No need to worry about the space available and RAM of you devise as these games will smoothly run on any mobile devices. These games can run on any mobile device both on android and IOS. Here is the list of android games for mobile.

Best Android Games for mobile

Once you start playing these games you will fall in love with these game as these games are the most addictive games till now. Today we will help you to find out some of the best addictive Android games on mobile.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar vegas is one of the most popular android and ios mobile game for mobile devices. This games is an open word adventure-action game developed by Gameloft. It is also one of the best played mobile game so far. You can play this games on both online and offline mode without any heasitation. The game works perfectly well and very well optmised for the mobile devices.

This is one of the best android game for mobile device. The comcept of the game is very much similar to the GTA games. It is a open world game with realistic graphics and game play. The game runs easily on any android and ios devides. This game doesn’t require high end processor and ram, 1 GB of ram and simple processor can easily handle this game.

Gangstar New Orleans

This is also one of the best mobile game in 2020. The game was launch as the successor of the Gangstar Vegas. This game is pretty much similar to the gangster vegas and the storyline of the game is also similar. The story of the game start from the Orleans city gives you an opportunity to rule the underworld. This game is a third-person open game. Players can choose to play between mission and story.

The game is design to give you the option to choose and use plenty of items and vehicle inside the game. This game is an online game with a wide variety of missions to choose between. Get ready to be the Gangstar of the New Orleans and rule the underworld. Get ready to download and play the best android games on mobile.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the best and most played game android games worldwide. It is a battle royal game where players will fight to survive in the game. This is one of the best graphics realistic game. Players can either choose to play between solo, duo and squad mode. There are various options to choose between in the game. This is an online multiplayer battel royal best android game till now available on both mobile and PC version. The size of the game is more then 2 GB and requires 2 GB of RAM along with a good processor for smooth gameplay. However there is a lite version of the game available for download on play store which can run on low end mobile devices.

This is most actively played mobile game in the world. This is also one of the most download games in 2020. You can also make money by playing this game. This game gives you the option to earn money by streaming this game online. A lot of YouTubers around the world are making plenty of money streaming this game on Youtube. And also there are plenty of tournament where you can a lot of money if you are good at this game.

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Among Us

Among us is alos one of the best mobile game till now. This is an online multiplayer social deduction game. This game become the most download and played mobile and PC game as PUBG banned in India. This game is played among 10 people which are in an aircraft carrier in space. Among many players in this game 1 or 2 people become the intruder and others job is to find the intruder and throw it from the spacecraft. This is a fun game to play which doesn’t requierd special requirement. A simple mobile device with a fine internate connection is enough to run smoothly the game.

Players are divided between crewmate and impostors. The role of the crewmate is to identify the impostor and do the task whereas, the role of the impostor is to kill the crewmate before they complete their task. This is fun and the best game to play on a mobile device.

Mini Militia

Mini Militia is an intense multiplayer batter game available on both offline and online. Talking about the game this is one of the fun and evergreen game played worldwide. This is a multiplayer combat game where players can choose to play between a team or individual. This is a 2D multiplayer shooting game. players can choose between different themes option for gameplay.

This game runs on any mobile device. You can play this game with your friends via hotspot or individual. The size of the game is small and smoothly run on any device. Once you download and play Mili militia it will definitely be one of the best android games you played so far.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a free to play mobile game for android and ios. The game was released on 2012 by king(developer of candy crush). This game was the most succesful game of its time. In this game players eleminate the same candy by matching then in a row or a column. Replacing candy by matching them with the new candy. plays can use special mover to make the game more exciting.

This is also available in offline and online mode, players can use gifts while playing online. This game is compatible with the devices with 1 GB of RAM. once you start playing this game you will definitely become addictive to this game. This game is also one of the best addictive game so far.  Candy Crush has been downloaded 2.7 billion times, and the game has been one of the highest-grossing and most-played mobile apps of its time frame.

Best addictive android games on mobile

Here are the list of best addictive android games played on mobile.

  • Gangstar Vegas
  • Gangstar New Orleans
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Among Us
  • Mili Militia
  • Candy Crush

How to download android games on mobile

The best and the easiest way to download the android games on mobile is through google play store. Google Play store is the safe and the easiest way to download the best mobile games for mobile. Just go to the play store of mobile and search for the games you need and click download.

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