Derry Electric car in Nepal – Specifications and Price

Derry Electric car in Nepal

2020 was the great year for the Nepali electric automobile industry. lots of electric cars were imported in Nepal and let’s hope the number keeps increasing in 2021. We see a lot of premium to entry-level electric cars in Nepal from Tesla, Audi to Dahe and e2o from Mahendra. Today we will talk about a new Chinese electric car manufacturing company Derry electric car in Nepal.

The Chinese electric car manufacturing company has entered in Nepal. The authorised distributor of the Derry electric car in Nepal is Autohost Nepal. Auto host Nepal has imported two models of derry electric car in Nepal.

This is the only entry-level car in Nepal that comes with a solar roof. Right now there two models of these cars are available in Nepal. The ev7 and EM7 are two electric models of derry car in Nepal. The EM7 comes with the solar while EV7 does not have a solar.

Lets talk abot the price range and specifications of this electric car in Nepal.

Darry electric car

Autohost has imported two models of Derry electric car in Nepal. The EV7 and EM7 are the two model officially available to sell in Nepal. However, the number will increase in near future and we will able to see more electric cars from this brand. Right now only two models are available and the company says that they are planning to bring sedans and SUV electric cars of this brand.

In case if you are wondering about this company. This is a china base electric car company which exports electric car in more than 25 countries for now. The company manufactures electric car, SUV, Sedans and buses in China.

Two models of Darry electric car available in Nepal

There is only two electric cars model available from this company in Nepal. Although we will see more of these cars in Nepal soon. The two models available in Nepal are :

  1. EV7
  2. EM7

The EM7 is the electric car which comes with a solar sunroof. This is an only electric car in Nepal that comes with a solar sunroof. The electric solar roof helps to charge your car through direct sunlight. You just need to park your car in sunlight and the car will start charging.

The showroom of this car is in Anamnagar and finance is also available on this cars.

Detailed specifications of EV7 and EM7 in Nepal.

Talking about the detailed specifications of EV7 and EM7 in Nepal. These are the only electric cars in this segment that comes with a solar roof. However, the solar sunroof is only present in the EM7 model which will cost slightly more than the non-solar EM7 model in comparison. Both of these electric cars come with 15Kilowatt electric motor and 5 seat capacity. This electric car comes with a 150Amp lithium-ion battery with 72V.

These electric cars are suitable for the Nepali road condition. They also have enough ground clearance for the Nepalese road. high enough to tackle bad road and portholes present on the road. The EV7 comes with a range of 158KM while EM7 comes with a range of 182km. The solar roof present in the EM7 seems to provide some extra range. However, these figures are when tested in the Nepalese road. Both of these cars seems to prove a range of 210KM in the good road if driven carefully.

Derry EM7 and EV7 specification in Nepal.

  1. Battery: 150 AMP 72V
  2. Electric motor: 15kilowatt
  3. Seat capacity: 5
  4. Ground clearance: 170mm
  5. Range 175+
  6. Solar sunroof.

Derry electric car price in Nepal

Nepal seems to promote electric car so the tax in the electric car is extremely low compared to the normal petrol/diesel car. This helps to make the electric car the most affordable car in Nepal. Although, the two models of EV7 and EM7 available in Nepal are the best value electric car.

Derry electric car modelDerry electric car price in Nepal

First electric car with a solar roof

No doubt Derry is the first and the only brand till now in Nepal that sells electric car with a sunroof. The EM7 from Derry is the only car available in Nepal with a solar roof. Till now we haven’t seen any solar roof of an entry lever electric except Derry.

Is Derry electric car reliable?

The most common question everyone has when a new brand comes in the market. People seem to afraid to invest in that they didn’t hear of. You can completely trust the Derry electric cars. It a Chinese electric automobile company which is trusted all over china.

Low long does lithiom iom batteries last in car?

The most common and most people fear while buying an electric car is about battery performance. We all have seen Lithium-ion batteries in our mobile phone and knows how these batteries will perform after a few years. So we fear about the reliability of the LI-io battery in electric cars.

The lithium-ion battery is the best options for the electric car for now. This battery is the most reliable and trusted battery over the decades. Even the word’s best car manufacturing companies like Tesla uses lithium-ion batteries in their mode. The lithium-ion battery used in electric vehicles are different from the one used on our mobile phones.

There are many cells of small battery that combines and power the electric car. So in case if a single sell gets damaged the battery can be easily replaced. Although the battery used in the car has 10 to 15 years of life spam. So no need to worry about the battery of your car.

Why you should buy an electric car in Nepal?

As the world is slowly shifting from non-renewable energy to renewable energy sources electric cars can be the best medium to help us do so. Rather than using petrol/diesel car that runs on fossil fuel, we should use an electric car to save the environment. Not only electric car helps to reduce carbon emission but also helps to save the environment.

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