Disadvantage of buying an electric car in Nepal

Electric car is the future of automobile and transportation. Electric car is the environment-friendly vehicles which help by contributing to the environment. There are plenty of electric vehicles available today that comes with great technology. The all-electric car comes with hi-tech technology that outranks the normal combustion engine vehicles. Although, there are plenty of advantages of buying electric vehicles. Today we talk about the disadvantage of buying an electric car.

Disadvantage of buying an electric car in Nepal

Owneing an electric vehicle in contex of Nepal comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Buying an electric vehicle gives you the advantages over regula iesel/petrol car as electric car are cheaper to mantain.

When it comes to electric car people always talks about the brighter side of it. Nobody discusses the negatives of owning an electric vehicle. Electric cars gives you the advantage over regular gas car because they offer great features at much cheaper pice in Nepal. Today lest see the disadvantage of buying an electric car in Nepal.

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Disadvantages of buying an electric car in Nepal.

  • The technology used in the electric car is quite expensive hence the electric car comes with the great price range.
  • Range anxiety is the most common and the most annoying things about electric vehicles. Although electric vehicles have done huge improvement in terms of range capacity. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range comes with the 356miles of the range which is the longest range available in any electric car today. In future, we may see electric cars with the greatest range but for now, range anxiety seems to a disadvantage for owning an electric vehicle.
  • No spare tyres are available. All-electric car comes with no extra tyre at this price point. Even the cheapest gas car offers an extra tyre. For some of you, this might not seem to be a problem. But imagine your tyre broke in the middle of a highway and with no nearest service centre available. Driving your car on a flat tyre seems a disadvantage of having an electric vehicle.
  • Electric car running on battery may come with the greatest technology. But they seem lacking in the rear seat comfort. with the battery placed in the floor of the car, seat height is not great result under thigh support in the rear seat lacks.
  • With battery powering the electric motor to drive the vehicle you cannot dive your car to completely zero percentage. Because the car might get locked and getting out of the car, towing your car to the nearest charging station can become a problem.
  • The advantages with the gas car are that they take less than 10 minutes to completely fill up the tank. But that’s not the case with the electric car. It can take from 1 to 9 hrs to fully charge your electric vehicle.
  • In cold climate starting your electric vehicle can be super easy, but the cold weather can degrade 20 to 30 % of your car battery even in the ideal condition.
  • Charging your vehicle seems to a long waiting game as there are only 1 or 2 charging stations available inside the Kathmandu. Forget about the fast charger outside the valley as there are no charging stations available.

These were some of the common disadvantages of buying an electric car in Nepal. Although there are plenty of advantages of buying an electric car. If we can manage these disadvantages we can see the brighter side of the electric car.