iPhone 13 leaks | iPhone 13 rumour | iPhone 13 release date 2021

Unlike other Android phones, the latest iPhone 13 may take some time to launch this year but we have leaks and rumours about the upcoming new iPhone 13 which you may be interested in.

Apple is planning to launch its new phone with a huge improvement in the camera and the charging section. Rumours are that the new releasing iPhone 13 will not have a charging port and an improved camera section along with a small notch in comparison to its previous model. We may also see an always-on display in the new upcoming models.

iPhone 13 Leaks and Rumors in 2021

iPhone 13 leaks | iPhone 13 rumors | iPhone 13 release date 2021

Although it seems that we are far away from the actual iPhone 13 release date 2021 but not much far away from what Apple is planning about the new iPhones. We are already seeing plenty of rumours based on the new iPhone which will eventually tell us how these new phones will going to be in future.

Finally Apple has planned to update its new iPhone lineup with an 120 hz display and always on features. Which was missing in the previous model of the iPhone. Looks like Apple has listed to its users and decided to go with an 120hz screen refresh rate this time.

We can also see an improved battery life then its previous model which seems possible due to the new improved 5G chipset and certain IOS upgrade. We can also see improved camera in all new model with probably lidar sensors is getting more advance and can be seen in all model of the new iPhone.

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What’s new in the upcoming new iPhone 13?

It is no doubt that the new upcoming iPhone 13 model will hold the same design as its previous model. However, there are some deign upgrades that we may see in the new iPhone 13. Talking about the minor design upgrade, The ugly looking huge notch at the front is going to shrink to its half. And also we may see a matt finish at the back to provide best grip level as we all see the stainless still frame in the previous iPhone12 pro max was hard to hold as it does not provide best grip level.

We may also see no charging port in the new upcoming model as it is not confirmed yet but what we may see is the new and updated MagSafe charger. The MagSafe charger will become stronger than the previous model. We have already seen that the previous generation MagSafe charger was strong enough to stick to the back of the iPhone but not strong enough to what we expected. Apple is continuously working on this to make it more strong and stick to the back of the iPhone. This will also increase the thickness of the new iPhone with some mm.

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iPhone 13 release date 2021

Apple is concerned about the launch of its new products. For every new product launched by Apple, there is a proper launch event which will be on the last of September or on the first of October, Friday. For now, Apple likes to keep it secrete. The most probable date for the launch of the new iPhone 13 will be on September 2021.

Unlike previous years iPhones this year also there will be 4 versions of the new iPhone 13 launching. Which include the mini version along with the pro max version.

Price of the new iPhone 13

As we all know that there is no huge difference in the price when Apple launches there new product. We can see some small increamnet in the price range then its previous model

The price is set to be between 699$ to 1099$ for the pro max version of the new iPhone.

iPhone 13 Camera

In the new iPhone 13 there wii be a huge improment in term of the camera. Apple is planning to add a new feature called astro photograpgy to its new iPhone 13 lineup along with a improved liader sensor.

The wide angle lens is getting some sort of treatment and potrate vide is now finally possible with the new iPhone thanks to its A15 chip.


Talking about the design of the new iPhone 13, The notch is going to shrink a bit smaller. Also the size of the new phone is going to be couple of mm thick which will also allow a bigger battery in the new lineup.

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