Off Page SEO technique in Nepali- How to do off page SEO

Do you guys wonder what is is off page SEO and how to do off page Search Engine Optimization. Whenever we talk about internet how could we forgot about search engines result that helps our page to rank in the top of Google.To rank in the top 10 page of Google we must know about search engine optimization without search engine is impossible to rank in top 10 pages in Google

 Today everybody wants to do Search Engine Optimization and rank their pages on the top of Google to attract audience. If you can rank on the top of Google there is high chance of getting audience so your blog grow but it is not that much easy. If you follow some simple terms of Search Engine Optimization you can rank easily. It is simple trick of using words and quality content.

Ranking in the first page of google is not that easy so today we will learn how to rank in first page in google using Search Engine Optimization technique. There are mainly two types of Search Engine Optimization. on-page Search Engine Optimization and off-page Search Engine Optimization. Let’s discuss about off-page optimization today.

If you think Search Engine Optimization is all about putting keywords and creating backlinks then you must know that Search Engine Optimization is all about using right technique. Using right way to solve how to rank a website on google.So let’s learn about off page Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks.

What does Off page SEO means. Learn off-page Search Engine Optimization

Off page SEO technique in Nepali - How to do off page SEO in Nepali

The main factor that is responsible for off-page SEO is the number of backlinks you made. The highest number of backlink the highest chance of your ranking.

How to create backlink for off-page seo in Nepali

  • Try writing quality content in your blog. You should always try to focus in the content not in keywords. Do not over optimize your blog. The easiest way to create backlink is to write quality and valuable content so that other people will automatically give you backlink.
  • Try sharing your website or page in all social media like Facebook, twitter etc which will help your to reach to more people.
  • Try to contact other blogger through email and ask them to for link.
  • Guest blogging is the best way to create backlink and rank your blog faster. Try to guest post in some of the reputed website. They will always help you. Do not write copy past content.
  • Info-graphics is also the best way to create backlink.

How to do off-page SEO.

If you want to grow as a blogger and wants to generate so income then you must need high amount of traffic. To get huge amount of traffic you need to first rank in Google in top 10 pages. Without Off-page Search Engine Optimization technique it is impossible to rank and get traffic for your website. So, lets learn about some Off-page optimization technique. You can check the overall SEO of your website for free at woorank.

Search Engine Submission

The first step about Search Engine Optimization is Submitting your site in Google search engine.This helps search engine to crawl your site and rank.

Social media network

Submitting your site in social media helps to gain traffic and also helps in the indexing of your site. Don’t forget to submit your site and promote it in the social media platform. This is one f the best way to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Commenting on others blog

Don’t forget to follow other website who has the same niche as your. Go check their blog and comment and give feedback or you can also ask for help. There you can submit your page url which you want to rank.

Article submission.

Always submit your article in the popular article submission website. You can find plenty of article submission website on google. Join on question answer forum.


Now you have the basic knowledge of Off page Search Engine Optimization and how it works. Always write quality content don’t over optimize your blog by writing all the keywords you have. And don’t forget it is a slow process which takes time. You can’t rank your blog overnight in first page. For this you need time. Keep working and you will see progress.

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