Oneplus Complete review. Oneplus nord with pros and cons.

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The nord is the new mid-range smartphone by oneplus. Today we will guide you through the complete review of the smart phone along with the pros and cons. After testing this smartphone for a month we can clearly say about the good things and bad things which we like the most and doesn’t like in this smartphone. And we will also talk about how this smartphone perform in different conditions. let’s not forget that this smartphone comes with the 90 hz refresh rate and 5G support.

First let’s start from the quick specifications of the oneplus nord smartphone.

Here are some of the key features of the latest smartphone:

  • The nord gets a 6.44 inch full HD+ AMOLED display screen with 90 hz refresh rate. The display used on this phone gives you better experience both in the outdoor and indoor condition.
  • Snapdragon 765 SDC with 5G support Octa-core processor based on 7nm. The performance is similar to 730 G.
  • This smartphone uses 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB of RAM along with 64, 128, 256 GB of internal storage. No any option of micro SD card.
  • The nord supports dual nano sim card. And the call quality is great.
  • This smartphone comes with the quad rear camera setup at the back and dual camera at front. The primary camera consists of 48 megapixel lens of f 1.8 aperture. 8 megapixel ultra wide lens . 5 megapixel depth sensing and 2 megapixel macro lens.
  • The front camera consists of dual camera setup with 32 megapixel and 8 megapixel lens.
  • The battery used on this phone is 4115 mAh along with oneplus 30 watt fast charger support.
  • The smartphone runes on android 10 with oneplus oxygen OS.
  • You also get an in-display fingerprint scanner at front for additional security of your phone.

Display and build quality of the smartphone.

The display looks awesome. The nord is using a 6.44 inch full hd plus AMOLED display along with 90 hz refresh rate. However, There are some issue regarding the display of this phone but the company has said that they will fix this issue with an update.

The build quality doesn’t looks that much great with oneplus using plastic this time. The reason behind using plastic is to keep the price of the phone low while offering good features. Although the build quality is plastic but the phone looks premium in hand.

Camera and processor used in this phone

The quad camera setup along with the dual camera on the front looks great. The processor used on this phone is snapdragon 765 which is a good processor. The camera works fine and selfies taken on this decive looks great. If you are a gamer and a heavy user who like to do multi tasking then you should consider buying this device. The snapdragon 765 can handle heavy gaming and able to run high end games like PUBG and COD on this device very well.

Battery and Charger used on this phone.

Oneplus has always known for their super fast charger and charging speed. This time the company has given a 4115 mAh batter with 30 watt fast charging. You do not need to pay additional money to buy fast charger for your device. Overall the battery performance looks great and can handle full day in one single charge under normal condition. If you do heavy gaming on this device then also it can last 24 hours.

Price of oneplus nord.

when oneplus first launched their device they were known for their price . with this device the company wants to do the same thing keeping the price low and giving good quality features.

Oneplus has suprisingly kept the price of the phone low. The price of the phone starts from $400.

Pros and Cons of this smartphone

The nord is a midrange phone trying to offer some premium features. Although this phone at this price range offers tons of features their are some cons in this device. No phone is a 100% perfect in terms of user friendly. Let’s talk about some of the positive and negative points on this smartphone.

Pros of this phone :

  • The phone looks great in terms of design, display and performance. Also the phone is easy to use and looks premium in hand. The first thing to notice in this phone will be its 6.44 inch AMOLED display with 90 hz refresh rate.
  • The snapdragon 765 along with 5G connectivity is another positive point about this phone. The snapdragon 765 used on this phone gives you similar performance like snapdragon 730G.
  • Another positive point about this device is the oxygen OS which is consider as on of the best os. Everyone loves oxygen OS.
  • The super fast in-display fingerprint scanner.
  • The 30 watt fast charger along with 4115 mAh battery power.

Now lets talk about the cons of the phone

Despite having tons of useful features their are some negative points about this device which are mention below:

  • First the build quality of this phone is not good. The plastic body used on this phone looks less durable. Design wise the phone looks great but use of plastic body is a bit disappointing.
  • There are some issue regarding the display quality of this phone. A lot of people are complaining about the display of this phone. Oneplus has said that they will fix the issued with an update.
  • The camera performance of the phone is not that much great. Being a 48 megapixel lens the phone doesn’t looks that great. Although this is the same camera used on oneplus 8.
  • Being a mid-range phone with no headphone jack is consider as a negative point.

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