Top 10 Electric cars with prices and specifications in Nepal

The electric cars history in Nepal started from 1096 from the launch of first tally bus sewa in Kathmandu. Nepal was on its way to become to first country to promote electric vehicles in south Asia . But due to the political instability the project was shut down and it took decades for Nepal to see that the electric vehicles are actually benefit to the country. Today we will talk about the Top 10 Electric cars in Nepal with their price and specifications.

with the huge amount of electricity production in the country and very few ways to utilize that electricity electric cars can be the best way to utilize that electricity and reduce the country’s dependency on petrol and diesel products which actually helps in the country economic growth. And also electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

Top 10 Electric cars with prices and specifications in Nepal

Before we talk about the price of Electric cars in Nepal here are some of the positive and negatives of owning an Electric car.

Positive of EVs

Many people think that electric cars are recently launched in the market doesn’t have reliability like those petrol/diesel vehicles available today. In fact electric vehicles are more reliable and luxurious then other non electric vehicles.

So lets talk about positives of having an electric vehicles.

  • Electric vehicles helps to control air pollution and keeps environment clean.
  • With no engine to burn fossil fuel no need to go the petrol pump you can easily charge your vehicles at your home.
  • With no moving parts like that of diesel or petrol cars. The electric vehicles (EV) require less maintenance. which means more pocket friendly.
  • The running cost on these vehicles cost you less then 3 – 4 rs per km whereas the regular petrol/diesel car cost you more then 10 rs per km.
  • Electric vehicles are tax free which means you don’t have to pay any yearly road taxes for electric vehicles in Nepal.
  • The electric vehicles cost you less then petrol / diesel cars.

Negatives of Electric vehicles

There are miner negatives points about electric cars which are not that much important but if you plans to own an EV then you must know these points.

  • Range anxiety is the first negatives about the electric vehicles. With less amount of charging stations and charging time up to 1 hrs in some car some people find it as negatives.
  • Although the battery used in Electric vehicles are water proof some people still fear of using the cars in rainy season.
  • Electric vehicles uses electricity to drive the motor produced from the battery. The battery itself cost almost half the price of the car. Although the company provides 10 yrs of warranty people still think that as negative.
  • Some people doesn’t consider electric cars as reliable source of transportation.
  • Re-sell value of electric vehicles is one off the main disadvantage. People fear about the re-sell value of electric vehicles.

Here are some of the top 10 electric cars in Nepal with their price and performance.

Electric cars ModelRangePrice
Hyundai Kona EV 64w430 Km65,96,000
MG ZS EV428 Km59,99,000
Kia niro EV385 Km66,90,000
Hyundai Kona EV 55w380 Km55,96,000
Mahendra e2o 110 Km22,99,000
Dahe100 Km18,25,000
Audi etron480 Km1,75,00,000
thee go e8150 Km18,25,000
Tata Nexon EV380 Km30,00,000 expected

These were our top 10 electric vehicles with their price and performance.

Dahe, mahindra e2o and thee go are consider as the cheapest electric vehicles available in Nepali market. These vehicles and reliable and city friendly. Rather than using heavy vehicles to travel in city which burns a lot of fuel these silent and environment friendly vehicles can be you best choice. With no engine to produce sound you can have completely silent cabin. It may also help in Noise pollution.

These electric vehicles can cost half the price of petrol and diesel vehicles providing tons of features and safety. With less price and full comfort and easy to drive electric vehicles you can easily drive in traffic .

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